Oakville-OM-Cover-CroppedDollar General

Oakville, WA

305 W. Pine St., WA 98568 


Property Details

Price $2,398,000
CAP 5.80%
Lease Type Absolute NNN
Building Size 9,100 SF
Land Size
1.0 Acres


Property Highlights

  • No Personal Income Tax
    Washington state is a tax-free income state

  • Direct Frontage
    Located on U.S. Route 12, Oakville's main road and major east/west highway running from Aberdeen, WA all the way to Detroit, MI

  • Proximity to Schools
    Easy walking distance from both Oakville High School (126 students) and Oakville Elementary School (154 students)

  • Neighboring Retailers
    Surrounding national retailers/tenants include a 76 Service Station, Umpqua Bank, Sterling Savings Bank, U-Haul, and a U.S. Post Office


Please contact Blake Curtis with any immediate questions.

Blake Curtis
Director, Capital Markets & Dispositions
Office: 480.745.1956